The BDSI program has 45 participants, but I work closely with two others on a specific project, Olivia and Alejandra. They have been extremely helpful to the project, and we cover each other’s weaknesses pretty well. We also get along very well which makes the work day really painless. Aside from other participants, I also work closely with a graduate student, Greg, a professor at the University of Michigan, Hyun, who supervise and guide our project. To stay in touch with participants from the program, I’ve joined the Facebook group for the program (and have added a good amount of them as friends) I also plan to keep the emails of the faculty I have met here to stay in touch with them. The program has exposed us to a considerable amount of leading researchers in biostatistics and other students who share an interest for data science. I really have no expectation to meet anybody else from the program; I’ve met an outstanding group of people already.