I have been doing so many things here at NYJA, all things I’ve always wanted to do and that I’m super excited to get the opportunity to complete here. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do all this but am so happy I can!! I’ve been planning essentially all the curriculum alongside Javier, and also getting the opportunity to teach 2 one on one lessons a day, playing in ensembles while also coaching them, and even getting to teach a masterclass every once in a while! Javier said as far as he’s concerned, I’m a member of the faculty and will be treated like that. So far he has really followed through on that promise, it’s been so great!! This internship aligns perfectly with my career – my bread and butter will be playing and teaching, both of which I get to do in great quantities here. Add in my project of a composition a day for 30 days, and you get my holy trinity of my career that I want to focus on – playing, teaching, and composing! So, my time here has aligned perfectly with my career. So happy with this so far.