Dear Students, 

Here are some things you should be doing next week to get ready for the start of distance learning.  First and foremost, remember to read and promptly respond to all communications from your professors.  Check your Lawrence email address regularly—that’s how your professors can contact you best and that’s where other important information will be coming from the Registrar.  Also, make a habit of checking Lawrence’s COVID19 site.  Do the following on the morning of Friday, April 3 (CST) 

  • Enroll on Moodle for each course you might wish to take, not just those for which you are registered.  Faculty will keep their Moodle sites open for students to explore courses.  Professors will also announce on Moodle how to “show up” on the first day, whether to a Zoom meeting or on a Moodle activity.
  • Remember that enrolling on Moodle does not officially enroll you in a course.  You still need to register on Voyager if you want to add or drop a course.
  • Email the professor to ask for guidance if no Moodle site is available for a course.
  • If you need a course but cannot meet the requirements for meetings, email the professor and your advisor with an explanation.


Other things to remember 

  • Before the first week familiarize yourself with Lawrence’s Zoom site and practice using it with friends or family.  There are tutorials there that will help you get started.
  • The add/drop deadline is April 10.
  • You may choose to S/U any course for any reason in Spring 2020 up until September 18.
  • The Registrar will create online forms for tutorials and independent studies, for S/U-ing courses, and overloads soon.  They will be here.

Faculty and staff are working hard right now to get things ready for what we know will be a different experience than you are accustomed to.  It will be different, but it will still be Lawrence.  


Peter Blitstein, Associate Dean of the Faculty