Dear Students, 

Lawrence University is in contact with the U.S. Census Bureau on how to administer the Census for students given current circumstances. There are two important pieces of information for students at this time. 

  1. While the household deadline for Census 2020 is tomorrow, April 1, that does not apply to higher education institutions. If you are a current Lawrence student who would ordinarily be living on campus, you do not have to complete your Census by tomorrow, April 1. The Census Bureau has exempted higher education institutions from a specific deadline as we determine how to move forward with counting our students.  
  2. If campus would ordinarily be your primary residence during the academic year, you should be counted as a resident on campus in Appleton. Do not fill out the Census at your home address.  

It is wonderful so many of you are eager to take part in this important aspect of our civic life.  Please stay tuned, we will be in touch with more information as we work through this process; we will assure you have your ability to be counted. 

In the meantime, if you have additional questions, please contact Christyn Abaray (