COVID-19 Guest Policy

The goal of this policy is to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community while finding ways to open campus to the broader community. We will prioritize access to those guests whose presence directly benefits or enhances the student experience.   

As a highly vaccinated community94% of our students and 93% of our employees are vaccinatedwith standing practices and protocols built on trust and our Community Pledge, we have managed to live, learn, and work with the pandemic. 

Lawrence University will follow the Stoplight Guide to determine whether its campus will be open to guests and in what capacity. 

Student residence halls, houses, and lofts are not open to guests, regardless of the campus’ operational status.    

All guests should follow the expectations outlined below. 


The Campus Community is defined as:  

Students, faculty, staff and those who are contractually affiliated with Lawrence University or the Lawrence Community Music School, including the Board of Trustees. Other volunteer boards and advisory committees (e.g., President’s Advisory Council, Lawrence University Alumni Association Board of Directors, Vikings Athletics Advisory Council, Conservatory Innovation Collective) may be considered part of the campus community so long as they are vaccinated and on campus grounds for business-related activity.    

A Guest is defined as:  

Anyone who is not currently enrolled, employed by or contractually affiliated with Lawrence University or the Lawrence Community Music School.  

Community Expectations

All campus community members and guests are encouraged to take extra precautions, including limiting in-person meetings and gatherings whenever possible.   

 Guest Expectations 

When the Lawrence University campus is open, guests will:  

  • Monitor health using the Daily COVID-19 Self-Observation Questionnaire and take symptoms seriously. If you are experiencing symptoms or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19, please visit Lawrence University at another time.  
  • Get vaccinated.  While not a requirement for visiting the Lawrence campus, guests are reminded that Lawrence is a highly vaccinated community focused on protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff.  We know that vaccinated individuals, particularly those who have received a booster, are less likely to experience severe infections, and strongly encourage guests to be vaccinated prior to coming to campus. 
  • Double mask or wear a KN95 mask in all indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccination status.  
  • Practice health and safety protocols like physical distancing where possible and frequent hand washing. 
  • Remain with their host and/or follow documented visit plan. 
  • Not enter residence halls, group houses, or lofts. 

Host Expectations  

When hosting guests on campus, students, faculty and staff will: 

  • Honor the Pledge
  • Share and enforce Guest Expectations with all visiting parties. 
  • Carefully evaluate the visit plan for all guests, taking extra precautions to limit the number of interactions with members of the campus community.  Shared meals between guests and the campus community should be limited and will be permitted only when dining services for students are at full capacity.   
  • Student organizations planning a meeting or event that includes guests must work through the SEAL office (Student Engagement, Activities, and Leadership). 
  • Employees planning a meeting or event that includes guests must consult with the Facilities Request Group. 

The Facilities Request Group is charged with making recommendations for all requests to use campus facilities and determining what, if any, reconfigurations, capacity limitations or vaccination requirements are necessary to comply with COVID protocols.   

  • Mary Alma Noonan (chair), Vice President for Finance & Administration 
  • Matt Baumler, Executive Director of Alumni & Constituency Engagement 
  • Erin Buenzli, Assistant Dean of Wellness Services  
  • Jon Meyer, Director of Campus Services  
  • Catherine Stern, Assistant Director of Campus Services, Conferences and Events 
  • Kim Tatro, Athletics Director 

Updated January 14, 2022