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Noncompliance with Lawrence University Pandemic Mitigation Efforts

Noncompliance with Lawrence University Pandemic Mitigation Efforts

Our ability to have a successful academic year depends on all members of the campus community fulfilling our shared responsibility for public health and wellbeing, expressed through the Lawrence Campus Community Pledge. We know the vast majority of faculty, staff and students will Honor the Pledge and abide by Lawrence’s safety precautions out of an ethic of care and sense of mutual responsibility for the wellbeing of others; however, the university will take appropriate corrective action to address noncompliant behaviors up to and including disinviting individuals from the community.    

Following current mitigation strategies is required to prevent viral spread on campus. With our campus fully populated, we are treating student, faculty, and staff noncompliance with these protocols, as outlined in the Community Pledge. 

Student noncompliance will be addressed by the Dean of Students and the Office of Residential Education and Housing. Student noncompliance in the classroom will be addressed by both the faculty member and Dean of Students. Depending on the community risk level of the behavior and/or persistence of the behavior, repercussions could range from a warning to separation from campus.  

Students can access a form from the Dean of Students where they may register allegations of noncompliance against other students. Students who are unwilling to abide by our testing measures should reconsider any decision to be on campus.  

Reports of faculty failures to follow safety guidance should be made to the Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty, which will investigate and address the situation. There will be disciplinary consequences calibrated according to the community risk level of the behavior and/or persistence of the behavior. Faculty who are disciplined are obligated to continue to meet their instructional responsibilities.  

Staff noncompliance will be addressed by supervisors and the Office of Human Resources. There will be disciplinary consequences calibrated according to the community risk level of the behavior and/or persistence of the behavior. 

Individuals who may not be able to comply with certain Lawrence pandemic mitigation practices due to a disability should contact the Office of Human Resources (employees) or Accessibility Services in the Center for Academic Success (students) to discuss accommodation.  

Campus Guests 
Campus guests are also expected to comply with University pandemic mitigation practices. Noncompliant guests will be asked to leave campus.