2021 Symposium Archive

2021 Symposium Archive

Lawrence University’s Appleton and Door County campuses are located on the ancestral homelands of the Menominee Nation. Currently there are 11 federally recognized Native American sovereign nations in Wisconsin.  We acknowledge these indigenous communities who have stewarded this land throughout the generations and pay respect to their elders past and present. 

Note: many of the following sessions are audiovisually recorded. If you do not wish to be audiovisually recorded you can attend sessions camera off with no image, and participate in the question & answer periods by typing in the chat function.

Contact: Professor Armstrong

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Schedule Session 1: 9:00am-10:30am (CDT)

Viewing options: Full video below, follow link to watch in Youtube, or click on individual presenter-names in schedule to go directly to presentations:

1.a Professor Tapia (chair)  
9:00am Emmeline Sipe  “El alférez monja”
9:30am Marion Hermitanio “El cuerpo terrorífico y reprimido en Postmortem de Pablo Larraín”
10:00am Liliam Ocampos “Presencia, proyección y realidad en La ondina del lago azul”
1.b Professor Barnes (chair)
9:00am-10:30am “An Exploration of the Major Themes in Restoration and 18th Century Comedies”
Mads Layton
Nicole Xie
Emma Bergholz
1.c Professor McQuinn (chair)
9:00am Alex Medina “Listening to the Internet: Cultural Discourses, Vicente Fernández, and Hearing YouTube Comments”
9:30am Emma Milton “To Teach All People Through Music: Reimagining the Choral Classroom”
10:00am Matthew Brown « La Culture de l’annulation en France : L’emballement médiatique et la longue ombre de la Terreur révolutionnaire »
“Cancel Culture in France : Media Frenzy and the Long Shadow of the Terror”
1.d Professor Phelan (chair)
9:00am Isaac Wippich “Consciousness: Conceivability and Combination”
9:30am Henry Jacobsen “`I thought it was the end of the world’: The Struggle for Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, and Rights in the Aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917”
10:00am Holly McDonald “Revenge of the Moms: Twenty-First Century Motherhood in Kill Bill
1.e Professor Skran (chair)
9:00am Sheldon Xie “China’s Peaceful Rise in the Post-Pandemic Era: 
A Neo-realist and Neo-liberal Examination”
9:30am Ryn Hintz “The Incentive of Othering: Imperial and Contemporary Constructions of Terror in Russian State Discourse”
10:00am Anthony Dare “Security Regimes in The Spratly Islands Conflict: Do They Work?”

Schedule Session 2: 10:45am-12:15pm (CDT)

2a. Professor Jimenez-Anglada (chair)
10:45am Meralis N. Alvarez-Morales  “Resisting Colonization: The Caribbean and the Arts”
11:15am Jesús Maldonado Treviño “National Afflictions: The Filmic Expression of Feminine Desire in La Regenta & the Echoes of the Past in the Present”
11:45am Valeria Núñez “The portrayal of female subalternity in the movie Roma by Alfonso Cuarón”
Preguntas y Discusión, Meralis N. Alvarez-Morales, Jesús Maldonado Treviño, Valeria Núñez
2b. Professor Kassor (chair)
10:45am Jeremy Bruton “Assessing the Economic Theory of Regulation in the Context of Deregulation”
11:15am Catherine Roe “Through Factors: a complementary framework for understanding transit migration networks”
11:45am Ada Stelzer “Thinking Logically: The Semiotics of Enculturation into Mathematical Rigor”
2c. Professor Range (chair)
10:45am Smailyn Nicasio “’Loud and Clear’: The Implications of the Musical Sublime and the Speaker in James M. Whitfield’s America and Other Poems
11:15am Frances Lewelling “Experiencing Context: Understanding Frances E.W Harper’s Poetry Through Sounds of 2020”
11:45am Phoebe Eisenbeis “The Landscape and Self in Maggie Nelson’s ‘Canal Diaries’”
2d. Professor Ongiri (chair)
10:45am Meghan Hunter “Navigating the Dangerous Intersection: Black Women in Toni Morrison’s Sula”
11:15am Spencer Quentin Washington “Same Coin, Two Sides”
11:45am Hyland Flores “Not Alone Anymore”
2e. Professor Gottfried (chair)
10:45am Shaun Brown (Ryshaun) “Diminished Innocence: The Impact of Police Violence and Racial Trauma on Black Youth’s Psychological Well-Being”
11:15am Andrea Lara “Culturally Conscious Treatment for Latino Populations”
11:45am Stephanie Meyer “Using Validation to Address Insecure Attachment in the Workplace”

Congratulations presenters on these huge accomplishments! Thank you to Julie Haurykiewicz for providing presentation coaching, nominating faculty for supporting these projects, and faculty chairs hosting sessions.