So you say, “Jazz is ok, but I’m really a fan of the Baroque, you know, Bach and all that.” Never fear! Try some of Porter Heap’s Swinging Bach (or Toccata and Fugue in d Minor) from the CD Orgel-Feuerwerk III, available from http://www.bonimusik.de. Or check out this version in the Mudd:

[CD] M385.B15 L6

Play Bach

Toccata et fugue en ré mineur (12:00)

Jacques Loussier, piano ; Christian Garros, percussion ; Pierre Michelot, double bass.

H-B, Herbie!

In keeping with Jazz Appreciation Month (see below) Herbie Hancock was conveniently born 67 years ago today. It may not surprise you to know the Mudd has 18 recordings of Mr. Hancock at the piano. But we also have quite a few recordings of his compositions interpreted by other artists.

To find CDs of Mr. Hancock the performer, try this Keyword anywhere phrase in quotation marks in LUCIA:

herbie hancock piano

To find everything,

herbie hancock

Take a Jazzer to Lunch

The Smithsonian sez: April is Jazz Appreciation Month. The next time you’re walking past a practice room and you hear some Monk or Coltrane wafting from within, knock on the door and buy that tortured soul a hot meal. Or how about listening to some jazz? Mosey on over to the library and browse the M1366’s. Here are a couple of CDs featuring our faculty:

A calling

M1366 .D36 C35

John Daniel, trumpet, flugelhorn, composer ; José Encarnación, soprano and tenor sax, clarinet, flute ; Matt Turner, cello, piano ; Steve Grismore, guitar ; Mark Urness, bass ; Dane Richeson, drums, percussion.

Smile: The Music of Marty Erickson.

M1366.E75 S65

Street Musician

If an internationally acclaimed performing artist plays a multi-million dollar instrument in a subway station and no one listens, is it any good? Read what happened when Joshua Bell participated in a stunt cooked up by the Washington Post. You can also watch the video and hear the audio.


If this link is no longer valid, search Newspapers from Proquest for the document title “Pearls before Breakfast.”

ARTstor and the Metropolitan Museum of Art announce a New Service

Images for Academic Publishing (IAP)

ARTstor in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently announced a new service, Images for Academic Publishing (IAP). IAP allows scholars to download and use, free of charge, high-resolution digital images for scholarly publications. Initially, nearly 1,700 images representative of the broad range of the Metropolitan Museum’s encyclopedic collection will be available through the ARTstor interface to users at all ARTstor participating institutions. With time, we hope to grow the IAP service to include images from multiple sources.

Welcome to Spring Term!

Welcome back from break! Hope you had a relaxing one and are ready for a productive spring. A couple of reminders:

1. The library offers nine individual study rooms that can be used for one term at a time by students. Preference is given to seniors working on honors projects and then to students whose research depends heavily on library materials. Complete this online form to request an office for Spring Term. Deadline is Thursday, March 29.

2. RefWorks, a web-based “Personal Database and Bibliography Creator,” is a convenient way to collect citations for that big paper and keep track of them all. Courtesy of your friends at the Mudd…