Executive Officers and Cabinet

2023-2024 LUCC Cabinet

The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) is led by the President and Vice President. Both oversee the operations of LUCC and provide support for students in many administrative spaces on campus. The President presides over General Council meetings and chairs the Steering Committee. The Vice President is second in the line of succession to the President and chairs the Finance Committee. Both are elected at large by the students and faculty.

Anders Hanhan ’24 | president | he/him

  • Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
  • Minor: Geoscience
  • Committee Assignment: Steering
  • Contact: hanhana@lawrence.edu

Isabel Dorn ’25 | vice president | she/her

  • Majors: Government, Russian Studies, and Creative Writing
  • Committee Assignment: Finance
  • Contact: dorni@lawrence.edu

The president and vice president appoint a group of officers who carry out critical duties of the council. These officers make up the cabinet.

Lillian Biolo Thompson ’25 | public relations secretary | she/they

  • Majors: Spanish & Philosophy
  • Committee Assignment: Steering
  • Contact: biolothl@lawrence.edu

Ayesha Wali Rahimoon ’25 | treasurer | she/her

  • Majors: Biochemistry and Data Science
  • Committee Assignment: Finance
  • Contact: rahimooa@lawrence.edu 

Sherilyn Patterson ’25 | parliamentarian | she/her

  • Majors: History and Music
  • Committee Assignment: Steering
  • Contact: patterss@lawrence.edu

Cassie Lee ’24 | general secretary | she/her

  • Major: Psychology
  • Committee Assignment: Steering
  • Contact: leey@lawrence.edu 

Matthew Dalgleish ’25 | finance secretary | he/him

  • Major: Biology
  • Committee Assignment: Finance
  • Contact: dalgleim@lawrence.edu

Matthew Pavlik ’24 | community relations coordinator | he/him

  • Majors: Government and Environmental Studies
  • Contact – pavlikm@lawrence.edu

Caleb Yuan ’24 | club support and trainings coordinator | he/him

  • Majors: Psychology and Creative Writing
  • Contact: yuanc@lawrence.edu