Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a voting committee of LUCC comprised of up to 8 class representatives, the treasurer, the finance secretary, and the vice president as the chair.

The committee’s essential duties include:

  • considering allocation requests from LUCC recognized organizations
  • considering budget requests from LUCC recognized organizations
  • considering all finance legislation before it’s presented to general council

Committee Membership

  • Isabel Dorn, chair
  • Ayesha Wali Rahimoon, treasurer
  • Matthew Dalgleish, secretary
  • Angelina Larrea
  • Jazz Hernandez
  • Gilliana Gaines
  • Ella Dorsey
  • Nathaniel Laprade
  • Giacomo Bocanegra
  • Elliot Williams Hutfilz
  • Johnny Dahl
  • Brittany Bell, advisor

Meeting Schedule & Locations 

  • The Finance Committee meets weekly on Tuesdays from 8:00-9:30PM CST in the Kraemer Room (Warch 306)

Need money for your organization?

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