LUCC Student Welfare Committee | SWC

About Us:

SWC serves the Lawrence University student body through student advocacy, legislation, and broader communication. We are charged with accessibility, Dining Services, Facility Services and Campus Services (ex. Campus Safety), transportation, student parking, and general student wellness. We provide essential services like the Shopping Shuttle, the Airport Shuttle, the Aunt Flow Menstruation Program, and the Sustainable Menstruation Program.

News and Upcoming Events:

We are currently hiring students for on-campus employment! Apply to work in the SWC Shuttle Program!

Get Involved!

All students, faculty, and staff members at Lawrence are welcome at all SWC meetings and events! If you are interested in joining the committee, being added to the email list, or otherwise getting involved with SWC, please use the contact us button at the bottom of the page or follow our social media to stay up to date on all things SWC!

Meeting Times: Fridays, 12:30pm in the Kraemer Room (Room 308, Warch Campus Center)

Last meeting of the term will be the Friday of Week 9

SWC Current Board (2022-23):

  • Jack Stuart – Chair –
  • Rich Jazdzewski – Staff Advisor
  • James Curry – Publicity Manager
  • Brooklyn Schara – First Year Class Representative
  • Hayden Young – Third Year Class Representative
  • Rowan Tipping – Fourth Year Class Representative

Programs and Accomplishments:

  • Shuttle Program
    • Weekly Shopping Runs
    • Termly Airport Runs
  • Aunt Flow Menstruation Project
    • Provides Free Single-Use Products in Bathrooms in Over 30 Buildings Across Campus
  • Sustainable Menstruation Collaboration
    • Provides Free Sustainable and Reusable Products to Any Student Who Requests Them
    • Collaboration with Environmental Org, Sustainability Committee, and SAASHA
  • GIFT-Force
    • Implemented and Expanded Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on Campus
  • Student Advocacy
    • Ongoing Conversations with Administration and Bon App
  • Free Bussing in Appleton with an LU Student ID Card
  • Parking Lottery Communication and Legislation
  • Yearly Student Welfare Survey

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