LU Insider

LUX: New name, slightly new program for admitted students

On Thursday night, Feb. 23 and Friday, Feb. 24, we will welcome dozens of applied and accepted students to Lawrence for our first admitted student open house of the year. We have renamed the program LUX, where we will be shining a light on the Lawrence University experience. (We trust families will not confuse this with our library friends’ search tool of the same name.)

This February program is an addition to our programming this year. We will still offer our two programs in April (9–10 and 23–24). For students who applied and were admitted through one of our Early Action rounds, we are offering this program to capitalize on peak interest at the right time, rather than making them wait till April for “the good stuff.”

For more about the program, please visit the LUX page.

Note to faculty and coaches: In previous open houses, we have encouraged your attendance at lunch to meet and mingle with families. We have changed up the programming, inviting local alumni to mix and mingle at lunch, so you need not feel obliged to attend lunch. (We will not turn you away, however, if you do choose to attend.)