LU Insider

New Hires/Job Changes 3-30

The following colleagues have been hired, rehired or have a new position within the last two weeks. If you see them on campus, please welcome them to Lawrence or congratulate them on their new position!

  • Julie Stratton, Staff Assistant (Bjorklunden)
  • Ally Greene, Custodian (Campus Services)
  • Keian Gors’e, Custodian  (Campus Services)
  • Heidi Pigsley, Custodian  (Campus Services)
  • Kelly Landis, Writer/Editor (Communications)
  • Tiera Heller, Cashier and Assistant to Financial Services (Financial Services)
  • Ellen McAleese, Rowing Club Coach (Health and Wellness)
  • William Skinner, Senior Research Analyst (Research)

Welcome to Lawrence!