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Help for the Homeless Hygiene drive

Reminder! Beta Theta Pi will be picking up donations for the “Help for the Homeless” Hygiene drive this Saturday, March 3.  Please leave your donations in the boxes available in most buildings or on your office door knob (if you received a bag in advance) or email Tom Goldberg for pick-up.  Lawrence was not able to secure many donations for this cause in the past so your help is much appreciated. Additional information about this drive can be found in the original message below.

Not having access to hygiene products can mean not staying in school for children who get bullied due to their resulting lack of hygiene, and increased risk of diseases for homeless individuals of all ages. In particular, communicable diseases that can easily be mitigated through sustained hygiene often are able to spread in populations that don’t have access to above hygiene products.

All donations can be placed in the collection boxes located on the third floor of the Warch Campus Center, the third floor of the Wellness Center, the Steitz atrium, and the lobby of the Conservatory. In addition, some of you may find a bag with an information card on your door, in which case you can simply leave the donation there, and Beta Theta Pi will simply pick it up after the drive ends on Saturday, March 3rd. You can email me at if you have any questions regarding donations or the organizations involved, or you can also seek out more information at We appreciate any and all help on behalf of the homeless community here in the Fox Valley.

Special thanks to The Family on 91.9 FM for making this event possible.

Thanks and Sincerely,

Tom Goldberg, Class of 2020
Beta Theta Pi Philanthropy Chair