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A new chapter for Craig Gagnon

It turns out that a scuba diving trip has a funny way of clearing one’s mind…

Upon returning from a diving vacation with his wife, Ann, Craig Gagnon (our Associate Vice President of Communication, and a 1976 Lawrence graduate) decided that he kind of likes this vacation thing so much that he’d prefer to do it more often. Which is why, on Tuesday, April 10, he sent the following message to members of the Lawrence family:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I’ve always found it difficult to strike a balance between work and personal life. For most of my career, the balance has tilted toward work. It’s now time for it to swing the other way. That’s why I’m announcing my retirement this summer.

Lawrence teaches the value of lifelong learning and there’s much I still want to learn. I’m planning to use the coming months to treat myself to a sabbatical of sorts: to travel with my wife, to explore some neglected interests and to recharge before setting off in new directions.

As many of you know, Lawrence has been an important part of my life. First as a student, then as a volunteer, later as president of the alumni board and finally as a proud member of the staff. Thanks to all of you who have made this a wonderful journey. It’s been a privilege to work in a community of dedicated and passionate colleagues in support of an outstanding institution. I look forward to seeing you at campus events for many years to come.



After ably leading Lawrence’s Office of Communication for more than six years, Craig plans to work full-time through commencement in June, at which point, he will transition to part-time status through the end of July. In the meantime, a search for the next leader of our communication team will begin in May, with the hope of having that person on board in time to take full advantage of Craig’s experience and expertise in the transition.

Stay tuned for details about a retirement celebration for Craig… which may or may not be themed around diving.