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Winter 2019 Community Read: “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes”

Did you miss that fall community read? No problem! All students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in the 2019 winter term community read. This winter we will be reading Dan Egan’s The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. Participants will read a common book and attend discussions led by instructors to further explore sustainability and the Great Lakes.

A free copy of the book will be provided for all participants. The course will take place during second term of this academic year.

You can sign up for one of seven course sections that will meet during the winter term to discuss the book. Students should enroll in ENST 320. Faculty and staff should contact Kelsey Mc Cormick ( about their preferred section.

Mondays 1:50-3:00 – Macia Bjornerud
Tuesdays 9:50-11:00 – Israel Del Toro
Tuesdays 12:30-1:20 – Jason Brozek
Wednesdays 9:50-11:00 – Timothy Troy
Wednesdays 1:50-3:00 – Jeff Clark
Wednesdays 3:10-4:20 – Bart DeStasio
Thursdays 9:50-11:00 – Relena Ribbons