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Share Your Thoughts – Performance Review Taskforce

It is with great excitement that we share the formation of a taskforce to evaluate the staff performance review process at Lawrence University.  This taskforce will be charged with exploring and assessing best practices and emerging trends in performance evaluation and providing recommendations of which will impact all University staff.  The taskforce will include individuals from across campus to provide a diverse perspective.

During the meeting on March 13, 2018 the taskforce will be looking to provide a recommendation in the following areas:

  • Timing
    • During what time of the year should performance reviews be completed?  What amount of notice is needed for supervisors to feel these can adequately be completed?   
  • Feedback Outside of an Annual Performance Review
    • What feedback would staff members like to receive from their supervisor throughout the year?  Are there questions staff members would like answered in regards to their performance outside of the annual performance review?  What would be the preferred method of how this feedback is shared with you (verbally, written, electronically, other)?   
    • As a supervisor, are there tools/resources or other types of assistance that could be provided to you to assist in providing your direct reports with feedback throughout the year?

Members of the taskforce include:

Taskforce Members
Geri Angiulli, Financial Services
Dana Rose-Schmalz, Technology Services
Trevor O’Brian, Facility Services
Jenny Ziegler, Development Analytics
Anna Simeth, CFSR
Pete Gilbert, Library
Rosie Cannizzo, Conservatory
Shaniqua Crawford, Title IX
Rich Jazdzewski, Wellness Services
Joe Sagar, Athletics
Lindsay Kehl, Human Resources
Lisa Van Zeeland, Human Resources
Tina Harrig, Human Resources

We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with any member of the taskforce.  Taskforce members will be asked to bring these items to the meetings.  We look forward to sharing additional information as this initiative progresses.