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Laura Zuege goes abroad to the financial aid office

On September 30, you will see a familiar face in a new location.

After 15 years of progressive experience and leadership in Lawrence’s off-campus programs, Laura Zuege, our director of off-campus programs, will join the financial aid team as a new assistant director of financial aid.

The transition to 100% financial aid focus for Laura will be gradual, as she will continue to provide leadership to our off-campus programs while the university conducts a search for a new director of off-campus programs.

In October and November, Laura will split her time 50/50 between her office in Brokaw Central and her office in International House. In December, Laura will establish herself fully in the financial aid office.

Laura is the latest addition to a new financial aid team led by Ryan Gebler, Director of Financial Aid, that includes Natasa Rausch, who joined us in July after three years in financial aid at St. Norbert College, and Dan Erickson, now in his second year as a financial aid counselor.