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SAP Nominations

Hello Faculty and Staff,

The Lawrence University Student Ambassador Program (SAP) is looking to receive new membership for this upcoming year. Please help us by nominating any student, not including departing seniors, who seeks to promote Lawrence pride and philanthropy with the purpose of making the lasting Lawrence experience better for past, present, and future Lawrentians. The Student Ambassador Program seeks to inform the student body of the impact personal donations have on their Lawrence experience, with the ultimate goal of helping students with their eventual transition into active alumni after graduation. Our outreach to the student body involves working on different events throughout the year that are focused on raising awareness of philanthropy’s impact on Lawrence and connecting current students with alumni. Our mission is as follows:

The Student Ambassador Program (SAP) bridges the gap between students and alumni, spreading awareness of philanthropy’s impact in order to instill gratitude and lasting Lawrence pride.

SAP strives to be the voice of the student body by discussing opportunities of connection between alumni and the campus. Through our programs and events, SAP pushes for a more conscious and caring Lawrence that gives, lives, and learns as a community. 

Please reply to SAP Advisor Kate Allison and Emily McFarland with your nominations by February 11th. Thank you for all of your help!

Best, Emily McFarland ’22, SAP President