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Connecting future Lawrentians with their future teachers and mentors

Thank you to those of you who have already reached out to ask about admissions events and how you can continue to help in recruitment activities this spring. We especially appreciate your support as you close out winter term and prepare for distance learning this spring. We are so grateful for all you do.

Just as you are facing challenges, this time is very difficult for high school seniors, our prospective students, to make their college decisions without visiting campus in person. This is in addition to the other disappointments they are facing: cancelled proms, performances, spring sports, and graduation ceremonies, all while missing their friends and teachers they had hoped to end their 12-year educational journey with. Connecting students with you, their future teachers and mentors, is more important than ever.

We are happy to announce some of our new initiatives: a new virtual campus visit experience (complete with tours, presentations, and meetings), virtual LUX (shorter than the original but a live, online event), and phone casts (like a call-in show, but we call the audience). We hosted a phone cast last week, where current Lawrence parents fielded questions from parents of admitted students. It was a roaring success with high engagement from parents of our future students.

We would like to continue to include our faculty colleagues in these activities. Here is an update on how we will continue to engage with you in recruitment activities:

  1. Prospective student meetings with faculty: We would like to continue to offer these like we have every year but this time, online. In our virtual campus visit experience, students can request a meeting with a faculty member. We are asking students to give us at least 72 hours-notice so that Chyna Perdomo, our campus visit coordinator, can check with you and your availability. Once we have a date and time that works, Chyna will set up a Zoom meeting for both you and the student to use to connect.
  2. Lessons with conservatory faculty: This would be offered in a fashion similar to the faculty meeting outlined above. We will continue to gather all of the information that we have previously about a student’s musical background and preparation.
  3. Virtual LUX April 20: The LUX program on April 6 has been cancelled, but we are working on building out a live virtual event that will include academic presentations and chats with faculty. We will be in touch at a later date with specific requests.
  4. Virtual Preview Day on May 1: Similar to LUX, we are moving our campus event for high school juniors and sophomores to a live, online event. We are still working on the details, but we will be in touch again in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me or a member of our campus visit experience team: Chyna Perdomo (campus visit coordinator), Rachel Bassi (admissions event coordinator), or Jennifer England (supervisor for the campus visit experience team).

With sincere gratitude,
Be well and do well,

Mary Beth Petrie
Dean of Admissions