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Hungry for something? Is it Fourth Friday Lunch?

Staff and Faculty are welcome to join in this topical conversation over your favorite lunch. Join with your fellow Lawrentians on April 24th and May 22nd for exploration of specific topics. Topics are available for review before the lunch via the Spiritual and Religious Life Facebook page.

Visit the zoom room 996 1149 1782 at noon and join the conversation.

For April 24 : I read a blog post recently where the author encouraged us to think differently about the words we use for digital and remote connections.  Her point was that, because this is how we must connect right now, virtual = real in the realm of relationships.  I invite you to fix your lunch and join us with a story about a time when you realized that the connection your felt with another person was “real” in all ways except for physical proximity.  I hope to use break out rooms for our conversations so that we are not overwhelmed by too much “realness”.  See you soon.  Linda