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Grocery Shopping Program

SWC has provided an alternative to the shopping shuttle for the students on campus this term, in an effort to minimize potential expose to COVID-19.

The Faculty/staff and student shopping program Is for students that have the monetary means to buy groceries, but no safe way to get to the store to buy them. It is serving as a replacement to the shopping shuttle. While the Student Food Pantry remains a resource for low income students staying on campus, we would also like to extend support to students who are able to afford to purchase food and supplies but are unable to get off campus. The idea behind this is to prevent an unnecessary strain on the Student Pantry from students who don’t NEED the resource, while still providing a relatively safe alternative.

Students will be matched with a faculty/staff member based on the survey results as best as we can match them up. Though we request information, the final details of payment method and when the shopping will take place. Students should not be shopping with the faculty/staff member, and instead should be providing them with a list of items in some form (details to be worked out by the individual student and faculty/staff member).

Find more information and sign up here:

This program will be run by the Student Welfare Committee. Responses will only be shared with the Lead SWC Shopping Shuttle Driver (Elliott Marsh), Dean of the Sophomore Class/Associate Dean of Students and Advisor to Student Welfare Committee (Rose Wasielewski), and the SWC Chair (Sterling Clarke Ambrosius).