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Many hands make light work…

The Reach Out Initiative has launched. It’s a campaign to reach every Lawrentian, whether they are on or off campus, with a live phone call from a member of the Lawrence faculty or staff.

The goal?

  • Let them know we’re thinking about them.
  • Listen to how they’re doing with curiosity and empathy
  • Connect them with campus resources that can help if they need support.

To call 1400 Lawrentians is a tall task, but—as the saying goes—many hands make light work. If we can assemble a volunteer crew of at least 140, we can do this well and in very short order.

We’re more than halfway there.

You can join the effort, too, by completing this short form. When you do, you’ll be sent instructions for how to log in to a portal where you can select the students you’d like to call. (It also includes a handy call script so you can manage the interaction with confidence.)

Together we can stay connected, even as we remain apart.

Phone image from Creative Commons By Gan Khoon Lay