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Medical Plan Coverage Update – Telehealth Visits

In response to COVID-19, Lawrence University has chosen to add Telehealth coverage to the medical plan with UMR. These benefits are not standard for plans to provide, but in these nonstandard times, we want to help you protect your health by keeping you safe in your homes – while still helping you get care.

This new benefit will provide access to the same Choice Plus network of doctors under Lawrence University’s current plan. It allows you to connect with your regular medical provider virtually, if they have access to live audio or video-conferencing. The regular plan cost-share will pay at plan benefits which could be a copay or deductible then coinsurance, depending on place of service as well as how the provider bills and codes the visits.  Example:  if you have a regular office visit via telehealth with your primary care physician, a $25 office visit copay would apply.  

Telehealth visits to the following providers will be covered:

  • Physician (PCP and Specialists)                  
  • Registered dietitian or nutrition professional
  • Nurse practitioner                                                        
  • Clinical psychologist 
  • Physician assistant                                                      
  • Clinical social worker
  • Nurse-midwife                                              
  • Certified registered nurse anesthetists
  • Clinical nurse specialist                               
  • Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapist

We are aware that, due to the pandemic, medical care through telehealth has already been received and some of these claims may have been denied. The Telehealth benefit will be retroactively added to the plan effective March 1, 2020. Any denied Telehealth claims from that date forward will be reprocessed according to the plan amendment.

In addition to Telehealth, please remember that you also have access to Teladoc services via the Teladoc app or for a $5 copay. These services can help take the place of urgent care visits, as you can speak or chat with a doctor by phone or video 24/7.

We hope you will find value in these added benefits during these unprecedented times. Please contact a member of our Human Resources team for questions or further information.