LU Insider

Facility Use Request Team

As we venture forward, a small team has been established to make decisions for facilities’ requests from internal campus colleagues (students, faculty, and staff) and external constituents (alumni, Appleton community members, etc.). We will rely on this team to determine who, what, and where activities can occur as we phase in facilities’ usage.

Currently several colleagues across campus are receiving these requests and understandably forwarding them to members of the LPPT or Cabinet for decision. To ensure we are handling these equitably in both access and decision, we want all to know the team exists and the membership – Jon Meyer (from the facilities, custodial, and security aspects), Erin Buenzli (from the health group of LPPT), Matt Baumler (from the Outside In visitors group of LPPT), and Mary Alma Noonan (coordinating the requests for consistency and equity).

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the team with any request you have or has been directed to you.