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Call for 2021-2022 Convocation Nominations

Dear Lawrence Community,

I write to solicit your nominations for the 2021-2022  Lawrence Convocation Series and the 2022 commencement ceremony. Over the years the Convocation Series has featured a wide range of distinguished speakers, including writers, artists, activists, scientists, scholars, and journalists. The commencement speaker customarily receives an honorary degree from Lawrence in recognition of their accomplishments.

Please email me the names of people you would like to see deliver a convocation and/or receive an honorary degree at commencement. Any additional information you would like to include about them will also be appreciated.

Information about this year’s Convocation Series can be found here

A list of past convocation speakers can be found  here.

And a list of past commencement speakers can be found here.

Thank you, Allison Fleshman | Chair of the Public Events Committee