We have identified and set aside additional areas (approximately 50 spots) for 24-hour student parking this year. On-campus students, as well as those living in close proximity to the main campus or commuting students, are eligible to use these lots. These lots are available at a “first come, first served” basis.  The additional areas for student parking are:

  • 3rd bay of Music Drama (Washington/Union) 
  • Small lot behind Plantz 

Your vehicle must be registered on Voyager in order to apply for a parking sticker. There will be a $75 per term fee for students who secure a spot, and the fee will be charged to your student account. The parking sticker will be sent to your campus mailbox for on campus students and available for pick up in Raymond House for non-residential students. Different lottery stickers will be issued each term. Stickers are to be placed on the inside back (rear). Transfer of registration stickers is prohibited.

If you wish to obtain one of these spots, please contact the Dean of Students Office by September 30, 2020: deanofstudents@lawrence.edu.