Expand your uses for flags, walls and walking with intention.

Community Gratitude Flags – Borrowing from Tibetan Buddhism, you are invited to contribute a flag to a living breathing kinetic journal of your thanks and appreciation in the new garden space east of the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. Virtual submissions welcome through the office of Spiritual and Religious Life.

In the foreground, a tattered prayer flag flying in a vertical manner. In the background, a muted sunrise behind clouds and a mountain range.
Spiritual and Religious Life: An Invitation to Practice Gratitude

Prayer Wall – You are invited to place your intentions, wishes, hopes, thanksgiving, fears, confessions, questions, or prayers into the ‘wall’ regardless of background or beliefs. In Warch center until Sunday, November 15 and then look for it in the Conservatory until November 20th. On Saturday, November 21st we will dismantle the wall, collect the prayers. They will be released, unopened, to the universe through burning.

Small round tubes gathered in several bundles and the bundles are stacked and grouped together on a table. Group is similar to a honeycomb. Small bits of paper a tablecloth accompany the structure.
An invitation to practice opening – Prayer Wall

‘Take a Hike’ continues to be offered with Amber Latimer on Tuesdays at 4. Open to all students.

‘Fall Sensory Walk’ – Locate an area to explore, distance with a friend, engage your senses, share with others