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CERTIFY replaces COMDATA credit card reports and cash reimbursements starting January 1, 2021!

Financial Services is excited to welcome 2021 with a new paperless credit card expense report process for employees who are Lawrence purchasing card holders AND a new paperless cash expense report process for employees who request a mileage or other cash reimbursement.  Both of these new processes will now be handled through a program called CERTIFY!

If you have been using your Lawrence credit card in 2021 you probably have already seen emails from CERTIFY landing in your inbox letting you know you have transactions in your CERTIFY WALLET! This means your CERTIFY account is linked to your Lawrence credit card and already functioning for you!

All employees should have received a Pre-Welcome Email on December 10 from Mary Alma Noonan, VP for Finance and Administration, and an Official Welcome Email from CERTIFY ( on December 16, 2020.  Please check your junk/spam folder if you did not receive either of these emails and if you do not find either of them in your junk/spam folder, please reach out to Amy Price ( for the email(s) to be resent. 

Please click on the link in the Welcome Email from December 16 which will use your Lawrence credentials to log you into the website.  Once you are logged in, please bookmark the link for future use.  Also, if you have not done so already, please follow the steps to set up your account.

Be sure to check out the CERTIFY website and the recommended videos at your earliest convenience. 

  • CERTIFY Mobile
  • CERTIFY Wallet
  • CREATING reports
  • APPROVING reports

PLEASE NOTE: For those staff and faculty who are used to having administrative help with their credit card and expense reports, don’t panick. CERTIFY allows for others to act as DELEGATES for you so a level of assistance can still be provided to those who need the extra help. On Friday, January 15, those administrative staff will be attending a CERTIFY Power User orientation session with the Financial Services group to assist them with this DELEGATE feature.

The Lawrence CERTIFY guide with tips you will need to get started on your own will be sent early next week to assist with the first reporting period of January 1-15, 2021. 

NOTE:  We encourage all credit card holders to get all of your outstanding 2020 expenses submitted by January 15, 2021 prior to using CERTIFY for the first time.