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Rave Guardian Safety App

I want to draw your attention to a special resource that we are launching this term to strengthen our sense of safety on campus and in the wider community. We know that a sense of safety is important for a community of scholars and we continue to identify and implement ways in which we can protect our community and ourselves.  To these ends, we are excited to launch a new safety app for the Lawrence community: The Rave Guardian App

Among other things, the Rave Guardian App allows persons to connect with Campus Safety and access a variety of campus safety resources. Importantly too, it allows you to establish a network of “guardians’ who may accompany you virtually when you move about campus or in the community.  You choose your guardians and your location is known only to your guardians during a time frame (safety timer) that you set.

I encourage and invite you to download the free Rave Guardian App on your mobile device today and familiarize yourself with its functions, capabilities and resources.  Information on downloading and installing the app may be found here.

Many persons worked over the course of several months to bring this important resource to our campus. I want to thank Dean Brittany Bell, along with colleagues in the Information Technology and Communication departments, for their leadership in this venture. We are also grateful to the various students and staff who took the time to review the app and provide valuable feedback.

Your support and use of this safety app is appreciated and I know you will find this to be a useful resource.  Best wishes for a safe and productive term!


Christopher D. Card

Vice president for Student Life