LU Insider

Reminder about Books for Courses

Dear Lawrentian,

I’m writing with a reminder about ordering books for your courses.

As you know, when you log into the Lawrence Online Bookstore  (, you’ll see a page with the courses you’re registered for and the materials they require. There may be notes telling you which versions or editions are suitable. And there will be options—new, used, marketplace, etc.—for adding items to your cart, checking out, and having your books shipped to your SPC code at the Lawrence mailroom for pick-up.

We want you to have all the materials you need so you are ready to succeed. If you’re not able to use a personal credit card to buy books, you can arrange to have them charged to your student account with payment due in 30 days. Contact the Financial Aid office at and request a book voucher with your name, LU ID, and estimated cost (e.g., Pat Smith, L01991111, $300). The voucher will be added to your account within 48 hours, and you’ll receive an email from Akademos with instructions for how to use the voucher to purchase books.  Your account will be charged the actual book costs, not the full value of the voucher.

I wish you the best of success in your studies this term and look forward to seeing you on campus!


Peter Blitstein