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Reminder – Antiracism Training for Faculty and Staff with the Perception Institute

Remember to sign up for this training taking place tomorrow, May 7, 11 AM to 2 PM CT with facilitators from the Perception Institute.

This is an opportunity for faculty and staff to participate in antiracism training. The approach of the Perception Institute is informed from the mind science concepts related to cognitive psychology, social psychology, and neuroscience.

The Perception Institute works to support institutions in their efforts to advance equity and belonging and to understand how identity differences can lead to “othering.” They use a foundational “brick” that helps provide understanding on how belonging is practiced:

BBelonging. The feeling of being valued and seen.
RRespect. Being treated as an equal with perspectives and contributions
I  – Investment. The contribution of funds through an equity lens.
CConversation. The ability to engage in communication around identity
KKindness. Treating all people with genuine concern

To register, contact Cindy Pickart ( Sign up today!