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Sustainable Menstruation Survey

The LU Environmental Org. just received funding to provide menstrual cups and reusable pads to any student who would like to have them FOR FREE. If you menstruate, please consider taking this completely anonymous survey! Responses will give us more information about how many of each product to order. THE SURVEY IS DUE ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 AT NOON!

Some background: reusable period products are different from standard tampons and pads because they can be cleaned/reused, they are not full of chemicals, they are eco-friendly and help divert waste from the landfills, and they may help combat period poverty. The LU Environmental Org. is collaborating with SAASHA, LUDWiG, the Food Pantry, and the D&IC. The products will be available in the Food Pantry (in the basement of Sabin House) and in the D&IC in an accessible location. For those on campus, delivery will also be an option as well as a possible tabling event in Warch.

Please contact Lauren Kelly (LU Environmental Org. president) at with any questions!

Links: (menstrual cup information–OrganiCup) (how to use menstrual cups–YouTube video) (reusable pad information–Teamoy)