The Staff Connections Committee believes in creating a stronger Lawrence community where staff members have the opportunity to create and develop personal and professional connections across faculty and staff, voice opinions about their community, and work with administration in order to foster the understanding of the needs of staff.

Last year, Staff Connections announced their rebranding in response to your feedback on increasing staff representation in shared governance. As the committee continues to put effort into this rebranding, we are seeking to grow our committee and would like to invite any staff members who are interested in taking part in this rebranding. This is an opportunity for professional development where you can impact the campus greatly. Currently, we are looking for staff representatives for the Lawrence Pandemic Planning Team (LPPT) and Financial Planning Committee (FPC).

If you are interested in being part of this rebranding or being the staff representative on the LPPT or FPC, please reach out to Staff Connections at or complete the staff member form on our webpage

We look forward to working with you!