The Staff Connections Committee has, in response to calls for increased staff representation in university decision making, officially rebranded as the Staff Governance Committee. Our vision is to build a framework for Staff Governance that is more closely aligned to existing Student and Faculty Governance structures.

As we continue to grow the committee and develop its bylaws, our focus will be on:

  • Serving as a formal avenue of communication to all staff, supporting consistent and transparent communication across all areas of the university
  • Recommending individual staff persons to serve on university committees where policies and procedures that affect staff are discussed and determined
  • Conveying feedback and other information to the President and senior leadership related to interests and concerns of university staff
  • Recruiting and maintaining representation from all operational areas of the university and emphasizing the importance of including staff at all levels

That said, this vision is still taking shape, and its final form is fully reliant on staff feedback and participation. As such, we ask that any staff interested in shaping this new governance framework:

  1. Submit feedback on the proposed vision and recommend any additional areas of focus using this form.
  2. Consider joining our committee as we navigate this transition. To express interest, or to request additional information, please contact

This is both an incredible opportunity for professional development and a way to ensure that your voice – and the voices of your colleagues – are being accurately represented in university decision-making.

We look forward to working with you!