LU Insider

Current and upcoming campus construction projects

  1. Kohler Hall: The Phase I renovation is still underway.  On Friday, September 24th, from 9am-11am, there will be a crane lifting a large fan to the roof of Kohler Hall. Everyone will need to be out of Kohler Hall during this time.
    1. Half of the parking lot will be coned off for the delivery of the crane, which will be arriving around 8:30am and departing by noon. We ask that everyone avoid this area during this crane lift, for safety reasons.
    1. Phase II will encompass the lower level and remainder of the windows over the summer of 2022.
  2. Johnson Controls: Campus-wide lighting upgrade and science building fume hood upgrades in progress.
  3. Briggs Hall Greenhouse: Hot water pipe replacement is in progress.
  4. Brokaw Hall: New ramp expected to be completed in November.
  5. Hiett Hall: Repairs to a broken sewer line. 
  6. Hillside Boardwalk between Hiett Hall and Briggs Hall: Removal of the boardwalk has begun and expected to be removed by late October.

*Projects and dates subject to change