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Resident Artists Workshop

Resident Artists are dancers, makers, mothers, performers, teachers, and friends who build community and creative collaboration. With experience in varied areas, including post-modern dance, Mohiniyatttam, Horton Technique, Ensemble Thinking, dance theatre, film, and in companies such as Bill T. Jones, Ailey II, and their own companies, these five artists come together to practice valuing movement, joy, and each other. Resident Artists are Dahlia NayarLanette Costas-Stampley, Margaret Sunghe PaekRoz LeBlanc, and Tami Stronach. 

Resident Artists workshop – Saturday, Oct 16th, 10-12pm in Esch Studio, Warch Campus Center for exclusively for the Lawrence community.

To register, contact Margaret Paek for more info.

Resident Artists collaborative talk – Saturday, Oct 16th, 4pm on zoom. Registration required.

Contact Margaret Paek for more info.