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Call for a new name for “Sabin House”

You may be aware that, as of Spring Term last year, our beloved green house officially changed its name from “Sabin House” to “the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life” in recognition of a gift from alumni, Tom Hurvis.

We realize our new name is a mouthful, and we are also aware that “Sabin House” is still floating around out there despite the new “Sabin House” location on Park Avenue near the Conservatory. So…. we want your help in the creation of a new shorthand name for this special place that Lawrentians have come to know and love. This is your opportunity to put your personal mark on a physical place in Lawrence’s history. What will be the newest addition to the Lawrence Lexicon be?!

Drop your suggestion(s) for a shorthand name of our Center here.…