LU Insider

NEW! WI Sales Tax Exempt # for purchasing

Wisconsin has issued new sales tax exempt #s to organizations that are eligible for sales tax free purchases in the state. The new number for Lawrence University is CES 008-1020122472-11.

Lawrence University Credit Card Holders– Currently the old sales tax exempt # CES5570 is embossed on the Lawrence University JP Morgan credit cards. At this time, there is no plan to automatically replace cards until the expiration date of 03/24. If you would like a sticker with the new # CES 008-1020122472-11 to put on your University credit card, please contact your building administrative assistant or contact Kay Guilette at X7205. Cards for new credit card holders or replacement cards will have the new CES# embossed on them.

WI Sales Tax Exempt Form S-211– The new form for Lawrence University can be found on the Accounts Payable Forms page.