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Björklunden looking for summer workers

We are still looking for summer workers here at Björklunden. We’re finally hosting our seminar program again and folks are thrilled to be able to come back and spend some time in this beautiful place! The big house in the woods on the Lake – you can’t beat it!

We have the usual summer positions open – from June 12-through Sept 2. And if you are a senior and applying to grad schools or waiting for a job to start – the seminars continue through the fall – so we look for a couple people to stay through October/early November. Or if you are taking a gap year or are not sure what your next move is – we always have one person stay through the winter and spring and then help train the new summer staff the following June.  Room and board included for all three options! Link to the job posting:

Or we also have a full/time year round position open – the Bjorklunden Staff Assistant. This person manages the weekend student program and also assists during the week as needed. Room and board are included as well as benefits for full-timers. 

Link to this job posting: