LU Insider

Important Campus Construction Updates

Many projects are wrapping up! Let’s talk about residence halls!

Kohler Hall: window install and basement remodel will be wrapped up by Friday.

Brokaw Hall: floors 3 & 4 have new windows and blinds, and new ceiling tiles in the hallways.

Sage Hall: lighting has been installed in the resident rooms, along with new blinds.

Res Life:

  • New furniture has been installed in:
    • 741 E. Boldt Way
    • 742 E. Boldt Way
    • 203 N. Union
    • Brokaw 3rd floor lounge
    • Trever public space
    • Quad 4 public space.
  • New flooring has been installed in:
    • Colman Hall floors 2, 3 & 4 hallways
    • 741 E. Boldt Way public space
    • 203 N. Union public space
    • Sage lobby
    • Trever hallways
  • Quad 2 and 741 E. Boldt Way first floor bathrooms have been updated
  • New ceiling tiles have been installed in several of the buildings  

As always – safety first! Do not enter construction areas! While many projects are wrapping up, there is still construction taking place around campus. Please be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Should you have questions or see anything concerning as you’re out and about, please contact Katherine in Facility Services at: or at ext. 6893