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Emergency Exits, Fire Doors and Fire Lanes

Before an Alarm sounds…

Know where your building exits are located, including secondary routes.

Stairwell fire doors must remain closed (except for fire doors that are held open by magnets that release to close doors during an alarm condition).

Fire door notice to keep door closed.

Note: All stairwell doors are fire rated doors (If blocked open for moving large items – close immediately afterwards)

Hallways and exits must be kept clear of obstructions.

Emergency Exit and path of Egress blocked – item was moved outside bar area for floor cleaning.

           Exit doors, fire extinguisher, and electrical panel.

All campus fire lanes must be clear of parked vehicles, there is an exception for Facilities Operations service vehicles for short periods of time when performing building and equipment related tasks.

Vehicles parked in NO PARKING FIRE LANE area

By keeping entrances, and fire lanes clear and accessible we will provide the required access for emergency responders.