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Facility Use Request Team

As we venture forward, a small team has been established to make decisions for facilities’ requests from internal campus colleagues (students, faculty, and staff) and external constituents (alumni, Appleton community members, etc.). We will rely on this team to determine who, what, and where activities can occur as we phase in facilities’ usage.

Currently several colleagues across campus are receiving these requests and understandably forwarding them to members of the LPPT or Cabinet for decision. To ensure we are handling these equitably in both access and decision, we want all to know the team exists and the membership – Jon Meyer (from the facilities, custodial, and security aspects), Erin Buenzli (from the health group of LPPT), Matt Baumler (from the Outside In visitors group of LPPT), and Mary Alma Noonan (coordinating the requests for consistency and equity).

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the team with any request you have or has been directed to you.

Construction Closures Monday

Due to the construction project of a new exterior staircase on the west side of Buchanan-Kiewit Wellness Center, a section of the upper and lower roads, in this construction area, will be closed off for approximately 3 hours on Monday, June 29.  There will be a crane in use to place the pre-built sections of stairs.

Thank you!

Facility Services

Mail Services Update

Mail services will continue, but with changes and limitations. The mailroom is also sanitizing all packages upon receipt.  

Faculty & Staff 

Campus delivery to buildings will only happen once a day, usually between 8-10 a.m., to a pre-arranged location with each department to avoid close contact.  


Students remaining on campus 

Students remaining on campus will still receive mail and packages. For package pick-up, students must arrange a time with the mailroom for a no-contact delivery. The mailroom can be reached at or 920-832-6657.

Students departing campus 

Packages will no longer be accepted for departed students once spring term begins. Only students living on campus can pick up packages. Other mail will be forwarded to the student at the address they requested, or to the address we have on file if the University was not provided with specific instructions.

Lawrence Property on Union Street to be Demolished

October 21, 2019

Dear City Park Historic District Neighbors, city officials, and Lawrence Community,

We write today with the announcement that we’ve made a very difficult decision regarding the Lawrence-owned property at 229 N. Union St. The home, which suffered extensive damage in an October 2018 fire, will be torn down in the coming days, and the property will be returned to green space.

The decision to demolish the home follows a year of study by architects, engineers, and City of Appleton inspectors. We explored an assortment of options for renovating or restoring the home. In the end, the fire damage was too extensive to make the house viable. It is with great sadness that we have made the necessary arrangements to have the home demolished.

We are notifying the Lawrence community and neighbors because we understand and appreciate the historical significance of this home. It was built in 1901 and has been owned by Lawrence since 1928, serving a variety of purposes through the years. Perhaps most noteworthy, Attic Theatre was founded in this home. We celebrated that history a little more than two years ago when we had the 2,700-square-foot home moved a block down Union Street.

Unfortunately, the damage from the fire last fall was too much to overcome. The fire occurred while a contractor was working on renovations. The contractor’s insurance is covering the loss and the demolition. At the time of the fire, Lawrence was preparing the home to become the residence for the provost and dean of faculty. Alternative housing arrangements have been made.

A small slice of Appleton and Lawrence history will be lost with the demolition. For that, we are heartbroken and know that those who appreciate that history are feeling the same.


Joseph King

Construction Project Manager

Lawrence University

Student Transportation Options

A number of transportation options are available to Lawrence students to assist you in getting off-campus.  Beginning Thursday October 3, Campus Safety will provide transportation for urgent needs and at times listed at the end of these resources:

  • Student Welfare Shopping shuttle:  a campus shopping shuttle is sponsored and run by the LUCC Student Welfare Committee or SWC.  It runs Tuesday & Wednesday (pickup at 6 PM and 7 PM) and Saturday & Sunday (pickup at 1 PM and 2 PM) and does a loop starting from the Wriston turnaround going to Walgreens, Woodman’s, Fox River Mall, Walmart, Goodwill, and (Saturday and Sunday only) the Oriental Foods Market.  Details can be found on posters around campus and in the residence halls or by contacting the Warch Info Desk.
  • Service Shuttle:  this shuttle is sponsored by the LUCC Committee on Community Service and Engagement or CCSE and supported by the Center for Community Engagement and Social Change. This service is for volunteering and community engagement opportunities. It runs on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm, and other times based on scheduling at the following webpage:
  • Alexander Gym shuttle:  the athletics shuttle runs Monday through Friday continuously from 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The shuttle travels from the Wriston Art Center turnaround to Alexander Gymnasium and the Banta Bowl on a continuous cycle during these hours.  Weekend hours depends on team schedules
  • Enterprise CarShare: this program gives students access to a rental vehicle for an hour, a day, overnight, or even on weekends.  The vehicle will be parked on Boldt Plaza by the Warch Campus Center for easy access. More information can be located at
  • Valley Transit Authority:  Appleton is serviced by the Valley Transit Authority. Bus fares are $2 per ride or $4 for unlimited rides for one day. Learn more or find bus routes online at
  • UBER and LYFT:  both ride services operate in the Fox Valley area.  More information is located within their apps.
  • Prescription delivery:  Wellness Services works with an off-campus pharmacy, Hometown Pharmacy 1350 W. College Avenue. Hometown delivers, free of charge, to Wellness Services M-F. Student can have their prescriptions sent directly to Hometown or can drop them off in Wellness Services to be forwarded to the pharmacy. Students can also have their prescriptions transferred to Hometown from another pharmacy. The Health Center’s website has directions for how to do this,  Some prescriptions may be fillable directly through the Health Center as well.
  • Campus Safety (920-832-6999) can assist you with the following:
    • Safety walks/rides for students who are sick, injured, or feeling unsafe
    • Rides to Walgreens for urgent prescription pickup
    • Rides to medical providers done at the request of Lawrence Health Center staff
    • Downtown shuttle 10pm-3am Thursday-Saturday evenings every half hour from the PAC to Brokaw, Wriston and Trever
    • Rides to Alexander Gymnasium and the Banta Bowl outside athletic shuttle hours

New gender inclusive restrooms

Dear Campus Community,

In the spring of this year, the Lawrence University Common Council (LUCC) passed a Gender Inclusive Facilities Resolution, calling for changing 33-66% of restrooms on campus to gender inclusive (varying by building ability and use). The resolution and results of a recent student poll make it evident that the Lawrence Community is strongly in favor of increasing the number and quality of gender inclusive restroom facilities across campus. In response to the resolution and in support of Lawrence’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion at all levels and in all spaces in our community, implementation of these changes has begun.

A baseline review of all restrooms on campus was conducted over the summer showing that eleven academic buildings and residence halls fell short of 33%. Meetings were held with building occupants, and recommendations were made and presented to Cabinet a few weeks ago. The changes in these buildings will involve only signage at this point. This is a fluid process in which retrofits to existing restrooms may happen over time but are not possible now. Signage will depict fixtures in each room such as toilet, urinal, shower and ADA accessibility. Additional temporary signs will be placed at each restroom, indicating the locations of the closest gender binary restrooms. Some signs are already in place, and the remaining signs will be installed on Thursday and Friday, September 26th and 27th, marking the official redesignation of each facility.

Current gender binary restrooms changing to gender inclusive are:

  • Briggs: 2nd and 3rd floor men’s rooms
  • Wellness Center: 2nd and 3rd floor men’s rooms
  • Main Hall: 3rd floor women’s and men’s (1st floor restroom will revert to a women’s facility)
  • Steitz: 3rd floor and lower level men’s
  • Youngchild: 2nd floor men’s
  • Library: 3rd floor women’s and men’s
  • Warch: 2nd floor women’s and men’s during the school year
  • Music Drama: Shattuck lower level, women’s and men’s
  • Brokaw: 3rd floor men’s, 4th floor men’s changes to GI and women’s changes to men’s
  • Sage: 2nd and 3rd floor women’s and men’s
  • Colman North: 1st floor women’s by 126, 1st floor men’s by 121 changes to women’s

Click for the complete list of all gender inclusive restrooms on the Lawrence University campus

Please contact me with any questions or thoughts as we move forward with these changes. We are open to feedback that informs the Lawrence community about any improvement we can make to support an inclusive environment for everyone.

Christopher Lee – Vice President for Finance and Administration

Silent Bike Auction

Located at Facility Services | 235 E. Water Street

Tuesday, July 9 | 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

No bids accepted after 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9. Winners will be notified by Wednesday, July 10. Payment due on day of pick up.

All bikes must be picked up by Thursday, July 11 no later than 3 PM. All unclaimed bikes will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

All bikes are sold “AS IS.”

Summer Construction Update

Summer construction projects starting Monday, June 17th through summer include:

Memorial Hall plaza: the walkway between Memorial Hall and the Wriston Amphitheater will be closed for the summer. Please refer to the map for a recommended detour.

Campus map depicting a detour around Wriston via the path by the library rather than the closed pathway between Memorial Hall and the Wriston Amphitheater.

Music Drama hardscape: due to the replacement of hardscape in front of Music Drama, all south entrances will be closed. Please use the recommended detour provided in the map to access the building from the north.

A campus map depicting a detour around the Music Drama building via Drew St., Washington St., Union St., and College Ave. rather than the walkway between buildings.