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Welcoming Laurie Ehlers, our new nurse educator

Beginning this fall, the Wellness Committee, Benefits Advisory Committee and the HR team are happy to announce the addition of an on-site health nurse educator as part of our wellness benefits for faculty and staff. The nurse educator will provide coaching and education to individuals and groups through educational sessions. Primary areas of focus will initially be nutrition and stress, following priorities identified in health screening results from the prior years. Tobacco cessation and other programs will also be available.

We are pleased to welcome Laurie Ehlers, R.N., to Lawrence as our ThedaCare occupational health nurse. Laurie started Sept. 13.

Laurie will be available at the following location and times:

Memorial Hall: (Room 102—watch for the ThedaCare sign!)
Tuesdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Wednesdays, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

To schedule an appointment, contact Laurie at or 920-832-7498.

Lawrence has contracted with ThedaCare to provide this on-campus resource for faculty and staff. Anything discussed during your visits is completely CONFIDENTIAL.

For more information, read this nurse educator frequently asked questions document.


Schedule your Personal Health Assessment

Lawrence is dedicated to supporting the well-being of you and your family by providing continuous wellness education and awareness programs. Each year we provide faculty, staff and spouses/domestic partners the opportunity to participate in a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL health screening. The purpose of this assessment is to make you aware of health risk factors that can lead to future disease and to support you in taking the necessary steps to achieve optimal health.

New this year:

  • We’re changing the name of our assessments from Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to Personal Health Assessment (PHA).
  • We are bringing back a former vendor, ThedaCare At Work, to administer our PHAs.
  • We will be offering PSA Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) tests as an optional screening for prostate cancer for men over age 50.
  • You will complete your online questionnaire after your PHA appointment is complete and your blood work has been processed by the lab.
  • You are strongly encouraged to attend a Report Delivery group session to better understand your results.

Whether or not you are covered by the Lawrence University Health Plan, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. The PHA has many benefits and is not meant to be a substitute for an annual routine physical exam. In fact, sharing your PHA results with your doctor will enhance your physical exam, since you will already have these results with you to discuss with your physician.

When you participate in the PHA, you will:

  1. Complete a questionnaire and sign a lab consent form.
  2. Complete the PHA screening on campus.
  3. Receive a personal and confidential health risk report with your results. Please review this instruction sheet for scheduling and preparing for the screening and ThedaCare’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) document for more details.

The PHA is voluntary and confidential. No one from Lawrence will have access to your personal results. After all PHA screenings are completed, Human Resources will receive an aggregate report that we will share with the Lawrence community. This report assists us in providing you with targeted wellness programs.

For participating, members of the Lawrence University Health Plan will receive a health insurance premium credit of $50 per participant (employee and spouse/domestic partner) per month.

We invite you to take charge of your health! Register now at ThedaCare’s website.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Holub at 920-832-7466 or Rochelle Blindauer at 920-832-6541 in Human Resources.


Campus New York Times subscriptions

Interested in getting the daily New York Times on campus for a fraction of the newsstand cost? A Monday–Friday subscription is only $37 for the Fall Term. Sound too good to be true? It may be, but there are no gimmicks. The NYT is delivered each day by 6 a.m. to the Warch Campus Center and is available for pick-up at the information desk any time. We also keep your missed copies for three days, so if you cannot get over here one day, your paper will be waiting for you the next.

If you are interested, email Greg Griffin at Paper delivery began Monday, Sept. 12. Please let Greg know which terms you want to receive the paper, including December break and summer. The faculty/staff rates for each are:

One term: $37
Winter break: additional $16.25
Summer: additional $39
Entire year: $165.75

Send cash or check (payable to LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY) to Greg Griffin, Warch Campus Center (paper delivery starts immediately).


New hires and job changes

The following colleagues have been hired, rehired or have a new position within the last two weeks. If you see them on campus, please welcome them to Lawrence!

  • Andrew Malone, visiting assistant professor of geology
  • Becquer Seguin, assistant professor of Spanish
  • Brady Rocks, visiting assistant professor of mathematics
  • Chelsey Burke, Girl Choir manager of Capriccio (Academy of Music)
  • Christian Bester, lecturer in music
  • Claire Kervin, instructor of Freshman Studies
  • Eric Bohling, assistant baseball coach
  • Graham Sazama, assistant professor of chemistry
  • Ilil Benjamin, instructor of anthropology
  • Israel Del Toro, assistant professor of biology
  • Jaclyn Charais, administrative assistant for alumni and constituency
  • James Berg, lecturer of film studies
  • Joshua Baker, instructor of Spanish
  • Kyle Dockery, Bjorklunden assistant
  • Linda Morgan-Clement, Julie Esch Hurvis Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life
  • Maite Barragan, postdoctoral fellow in art history
  • Maria Gracia Kutney, associate director of Career Services
  • Mark Dupere, assistant professor of music and director of orchestral studies
  • Meghan Lally, accessibility services coordinator and academic skills specialist (Center for Academic Success)
  • Monita Mohammadian Gray, dean of academic success (Center for Academic Success)
  • Nancy Lin, assistant professor of art history
  • Philip Clark, Bjorklunden staff assistant
  • Relena Ribbons, instructor of Freshman Studies
  • Thelma Jimenez-Anglada, assistant professor of Spanish
  • Timothy Van Albright, assistant professor of music–trombone
  • Tori Arthur, fellow of ethnic studies