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Nominate a Convo Speaker Today!

Dear Lawrence Community,

I write to solicit your nominations for the 2022-2023  Lawrence Convocation Series and the 2023 Commencement Ceremony. Over the years the Convocation Series has featured a wide range of distinguished speakers, including writers, artists, activists, scientists, scholars, and journalists. TheCommencement Speaker customarily receives an honorary degree from Lawrence in recognition of their accomplishments.

Please email me ( the names of people you would like to see deliver a Convocation and/or receive an honorary degree at Commencement. Any additional information you would like to include about them will also be appreciated.

Information about this year’s Convocation Series can be found here.  

A list of past convocation speakers can be found here.

And a list of past commencement speakers can be found here.

Thank You! 

Allison Fleshman, Chair of the Public Events Committee 

Lawrence University’s Celestial Histories

Associate Professor and Chair of Physics, Megan Pickett, and her student Avery Greene ’24 celebrate Lawrence’s connection to the Night Sky.  Pickett and Greene are compiling a written and oral history of Lawrentians “Celestial Histories” as part of their summer research.  They are looking for stories, traditions, and important moments from all Lawrentians related to personal encounters with the night sky.  Their work will lead to an archive and website that paints another portrait of who we are as a community.  To volunteer, use:

You can choose between a written survey or an interview.  Look for future LU community events in which we can all share the night sky through the coming term!

Lt. General William Troy to deliver Povolny lecture in Wriston

Headshot of Lt. General William Troy in uniform with stars and stripes in the background.
Lt. General William Troy

A Povolny Lecture Series event featuring Lt. General William Troy will be held 4:30 to 6 p.m. April 22 in the Wriston Art Center, with Honor the Pledge protocols in place.

Troy will present “Three Challenges for the U.S. Military: The Rising Importance of Soft Power; Urbanization; and The State of Civil-Military Relations.” The lecture is open to Lawrence students, faculty, and staff.

The Povolny Lecture Series, named in honor of long-time Lawrence government professor Mojmir Povolny and presented by the Government Department, promotes interest and discussion on issues of moral significance and ethical dimensions.

Troy was an Army officer for 38 years; he rose to the rank of lieutenant general (three-star) and went on to become a CEO in the private sector. While in the Army, Troy had two tours in combat, four tours in the Pentagon, and tours in Germany, the U.K., and the United States. He commanded groups ranging from a platoon of a few dozen soldiers to units with thousands of soldiers and multiple installations.

After serving in the military, Troy was named CEO of the American Society for Quality, a nonprofit professional association with 68,000 members around the world. He frequently appeared as a keynote speaker on leadership topics in Europe, China, India, Mexico, and the U.S.

If interested in attending the Wriston event, contact Claudena Skran at

Ungrading Book Discussion

Ungrading is a new, research-driven, experience-based book that explores the process of going gradeless by changing how we assess and evaluate student learning. It contains essays from fifteen educators across a range of disciplines and institutions, most of whom are recognized pedagogical experts. Including both reflections and strategies, the book is an extremely helpful way to rethink not just how we assess learning, but also how we conceptualize both our pedagogical practices and also instructor-student relationships.

There will be a book discussion for interested faculty and staff on Tuesday, April 27 from 11:10-12:20 via Zoom. Dr. Susan Blum, the editor of the book, will be joining us for the discussion. Copies of the book will be provided prior to the discussion to those who need them. Due to the interactive nature of the event, there are very limited spots available, so please respond to reserve your spot.

If you wish to participate, please contact Lavanya Murali at

Weekly Academic Accountability Group for Students

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) has decided to offer a weekly academic accountability group for students who want to stay motivated and make progress towards their academic goals this term.

The group will meet Tuesdays from 8-9 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) at for the rest of this term.

This group is open to all Lawrence students! You don’t have to share a major or academic interest to attend. It’s an incredibly simple and effective tool to help you do your best with the rest of the term. 

Faculty and staff, we are sure you have students you think could benefit from this type of work. Please encourage your students to participate!

We encourage all students to consider this opportunity to optimize their planning and success as we approach the end of the term. The pandemic and winter have been quite difficult for some of our students to navigate, especially with motivation. Julie Haurykiewicz, Associate Dean of Academic Success, will be there to answer any questions.  

Why should I join a group like this?
–Get peer support
–Get and give encouragement
–Stay motivated
–Extra social connection
–Accountability, naturally

Are you interested? Great! Show up by yourself or bring a friend Tuesday at 8 p.m. CST

Endorsement Julie received from a faculty member after one of her students attended the first meeting: “What seemed to impact the student the most was hearing from other students who were similarly stressed and overwhelmed and seeing that (a) he wasn’t alone, and (b) he could and should do something about it.”

If you have any questions, please contact

New Class Schedule Starting Fall 2021

One of the recommendations from the Task Force on Emotional Wellbeing, a group of students, faculty, and staff united to investigate the factors negatively impacting emotional well-being on campus, was to create common unscheduled time for faculty and students in the middle of the day. After considering several options, the faculty voted to adopt a new daily schedule.  

See the new schedule (PDF)

The new schedule will begin in Fall 2021. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to make note of the updated schedule and how it might impact your schedule or classroom availability. 

The Registrar’s office is working with departments to update the 2021-22 course catalog accordingly, and the course schedule for academic year 2021-22 will be available in spring term with updated class periods. If students have any questions regarding their schedule, please reach out to your advisor or individual faculty members. 

Reminder about Books for Courses

Dear Lawrentian,

I’m writing with a reminder about ordering books for your courses.

As you know, when you log into the Lawrence Online Bookstore  (, you’ll see a page with the courses you’re registered for and the materials they require. There may be notes telling you which versions or editions are suitable. And there will be options—new, used, marketplace, etc.—for adding items to your cart, checking out, and having your books shipped to your SPC code at the Lawrence mailroom for pick-up.

We want you to have all the materials you need so you are ready to succeed. If you’re not able to use a personal credit card to buy books, you can arrange to have them charged to your student account with payment due in 30 days. Contact the Financial Aid office at and request a book voucher with your name, LU ID, and estimated cost (e.g., Pat Smith, L01991111, $300). The voucher will be added to your account within 48 hours, and you’ll receive an email from Akademos with instructions for how to use the voucher to purchase books.  Your account will be charged the actual book costs, not the full value of the voucher.

I wish you the best of success in your studies this term and look forward to seeing you on campus!


Peter Blitstein

Hurvis Center for Film Studies Fall 2020: Policies and Procedures

Hurvis Center Contact Information:

Safety Procedures

  • Face masks must be worn at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be stationed in multiple rooms throughout the Hurvis Center. Please use them. More specific instructions are included in following sections.
  • Hurvis Center student workers will be actively disinfecting all equipment as it is returned; keyboards, surfaces, and computers in editing labs; and all other surfaces, equipment, and gear that is being used throughout the term.
  • Building access is solely permitted to those enrolled in the following classes this term: FIST 318, FIST 211, FIST 240/ART 240, and senior film students.
  • At any time, only seven people max are allowed in the Studio (room 34), only seven people max are allowed in editing lab room 13, and only four people max are allowed in editing lab room 15. More details in the following sections.
  • If you feel sick, do not enter the Hurvis Center. Notify your instructors immediately and request a COVID test from the University. If you have confirmed a negative test, you may enter and use our facilities.

Equipment Access

  • Equipment use and checkout is solely available to those enrolled in production classes this term (FIST 318 and FIST 240/ ART 240) and senior film students working on their capstone project.
  • Check your course materials for info on what equipment is assigned to your class.
  • Please pack and return your equipment exactly the way it was given to you, with all batteries charged, and as early as possible, as there may always be someone waiting to use it after you.
  • There are no exceptions to these limited access rules this term.

Reserving and Checking Out Equipment

  • Equipment checkout is solely on a special case by case basis confirmed by professors Anne Haydock or John Shimon, with specific pick-up appointments.
  • Equipment may only be used for class projects or senior capstones.
  • Bring your student ID to collect and return your equipment.
  • Be sure you check your order, look over the equipment, and understand the time your equipment is due back before you sign the custody sheet. Once you have signed, you are liable for any damage or replacement costs. Even though we will be systematically disinfecting all returned equipment, at checkout we will provide some disinfecting wipes if you wish to wipe down the equipment being lent to you.
  • Please report any missing or faulty equipment immediately so we can make the necessary repairs.
  • In any case, the student in who checked the equipment out is responsible if the items are late, damaged, or lost.

Late, Damaged, or Missing Equipment

  • Once you sign out equipment, you are responsible for that equipment, and liable for all repair and/or replacement costs if that equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen– so use good judgment!
  • Returns are also scheduled by appointment, so be sure to return your equipment on time.

Editing Lab Access

  • All students enrolled in a production class will have 24-hour keycard building access to the Hurvis Center, and spaces used for class time. Access to editing stations are based on reservation and an honor system. Limited only to those enrolled in production classes this term (FIST 318 and FIST 240/ ART 240) and senior film students working on their capstone project.
  • You must wipe down your editing station with the provided disinfecting wipes before and after each use. And please use the provided hand sanitizer as well.
  • At any time, only seven people max are allowed in editing lab room 13, and only four people max are allowed in editing lab room 15. Individual suites such as rooms 07, 08, and 032 (high end edit) are only allowed one occupant at a time.
  • This term we are implementing a new reservation system for each accessible editing computer in the Hurvis Center. You may only enter a lab if you have a reservation. You will receive the share link to it from your respective professor or you can request the link by contacting José. (not SISO).
  • This reservation system is made up of google spreadsheets that will be shared with you to edit in your reservations. Each week for the term has its own spreadsheet. Opening each document will first show you “Monday”, if you look at the tabs at the bottom you can select which day of the week you would like to set your reservation on. Listed within each day are all of the usable editing stations.
  • Each reservation slot is one hour. Simply type your full name to reserve a time slot. You may only sign up for four consecutive hours per day, and twenty hours per week; unless it is within the two hour window of a time slot and no one has taken it, then you are open to typing your name in and using that time slot. If you make an initial reservation, but have to cancel, please remove your name from the slot so someone else may take that time slot.
  • Be respectful of your use of our facilities. Be mindful of the time you have a station reserved for and leave the room no later than five minutes before your time is up, someone will likely be waiting for their turn. If an incident occurs where someone is reluctant to give up your reserved work station, please reach out to Jose Lozano to discuss what occurred. Again, please cancel reservations if you suddenly find that you will not be coming in at that time. We will not tolerate unfair uses of our facilities and such incidents may result in editing lab privileges being suspended or revoked.
  • If you encounter any technical issues with the editing stations, please note the room, computer number, and nature of the problem (screenshots are helpful) and email or text it to our Program Support Coordinator, José, at or (920) 277-6324 .

EditShare and Media Storage

  • All students enrolled in a production class are automatically allocated class and/ or individual media storage spaces on the Film Studies EditShare server, which can be accessed from all stations in the Hurvis Center editing labs.
  • Students are encouraged to frequently back up all files stored on EditShare to a personal hard drive formatted for Macs.
  • All files stored on EditShare will be cleared one week after the end of the academic year, unless a student fills out a space renewal form by the posted deadline.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email José at