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Everyday Spirituality-batteries not necessarily required

When we open ourselves to the knowledge that busy days require many pockets, we must also engage in emptying those contents on occasion. Remove the rocks, the sharp things that have gathered, the lint, the tiny scraps of garbage, and that sticky note with a word so smudged its no longer legible.

Place back in the empathy, the ability to step back for a moment, that refreshing scent of a cleansed mind and body, and maybe add a snack nugget or two for sharing with friends later. Put your intentionality back in as well.

Meditation (virtual)

Take a Hike with Mudd the dog

Evening Tai Chi

Meditation (in person) & lunchtime Tai Chi

Choose your own practice

Revisit your passion and connect with what you value by taking in your surroundings, exploring beyond your screen, or maybe even visiting the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.

Need your MTRP Dog Fix?

Think you’ve got your capstone under control, but need a teeny tiny healthy rest???
You have a lot of energy cuz you’re soo excited about the Holi event on Saturday???
Missing your usual MTRP spring ‘vacay’???
Need an excuse to get away from your roommate for just a few minutes???
Meditation is just not cutting it today???
Sports got ya’ down???

Come see Murphy! (Lovable Golden Retriever) He’ll be in the quad on Friday, May 7th at 1pm.

NOTE: He will not be masked, and he can be a little slobbery. We will expect the opposite from his visitors.

Holi Celebration – May 8th

Food, fun, and colors of all sorts make for a great celebration.

It’s the final stretch of a most bizarre academic year. Why not celebrate? Holi is a holiday celebrated to honor life and to celebrate the triumphs of good over evil. Since midwestern climates are less conducive to this celebration at it’s usual time, we’ve postponed it until it could be celebrated properly. (No, really…it was our pleasure.)

Get over to Ormsby Lake and experience for yourself the joy of Holi, the joy of colorful collegial celebratory feelings. The basking in vibrant powder and tinted water. Mark it on your calendar. Bring a friend. Schedule your study time around it. Bring your camera (but make sure you’re waterproofing it). You probably need this more than you think. Trust us.

Saturday, May 8th

Don’t forget to sign up for your takeaway food!

Spiritual & Religious Life Library Launch & UN World Book Day

OK…so your next book is….?

Celebrate your love of books and shared reading. UN World Book Day is Friday, April 23 and The Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is honoring the great joy of books with the launch of our searchable library collection.

We invite you to view the collection of poetry, spiritual narratives, memoirs, fiction, children’s books and key religious texts. This searchable database of spiritually inspired reading can lend itself to a greater depth in your own tradition, or be a resource to investigate and educate yourself in a safe space.

Reviews Welcome

Welcome to the library at the Lawrence Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Grief Group for Students

Grieving is a deeply personal experience, but it doesn’t need to be a solitary expression of actions or emotions. Coping is a process that can ground a person in a difficult moment and as such requires skills, allowances, and time to process such moments.  Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. 

During weeks four, five and six, students are invited to connect together and be guided in that connection with Associate Dean Terra Winston. You should feel welcome to discuss grief you may be experiencing as related to the loss of a loved one, and connect with others who may also be experiencing a recent loss.

April 19
April 26
May 3

Something For You

No matter your capacity or your necessity, starting the term with a mindset of growth and connection is a gift you can give yourself right away. Whether you are connecting with other students during Take A Hike, or connecting peer to peer (without students) over Fourth Friday lunch, setting your intention is a step toward purposeful real time linking, especially in this virtual hybrid world.

Find where the depth is appealing (or excitedly scary, or eye opening)
and welcome in the spring term.

Take a Hike every Tuesday at 5:00
Meditation – virtual and in-person
Tai Chi two times a week
First Year Dialogues
Fourth Friday Lunch in April and May
Grief Group – for students in weeks four through six
Center for Spiritual and Religious Life – open after week two
LU Reads – weekly connection through children’s books
Religious celebrations to honor the many communities at Lawrence
Movement and music across campus

Specific details are close at hand – bookmark the LU Calendar, follow on Instagram, visit Facebook, or stop by the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life for a visit and a chat.

Dialogues for First Years

Are you, or do you know a First Year who is looking to engage with other First Years?!

This dialogue group is a unique experience in diversity, inclusion, and equity based on meeting with the same small group of people multiple times. Conversations will be based on what experiences specific group members bring to the table, with the hope that all who sign up will “listen deeply enough to be changed by what they hear”.

Benefits of participating:
? Learn about the varied geographic and demographic of other First Year students
? Build a new, diverse group of classmates to interact with
? Have intentional conversations that form deeper connections than typically possible
? Be able to become trained to become a dialogue group facilitator later.

Register here to be a part of the experience.

Get to know other First Years Spring Term. First Year Dialogues Thursdays 10:30-12 / April 8,15, & 22

Warming Up to Connection and Belonging

Even when life feels challenging, each encounter and challenge is a chance to grow spiritually. Check out the Spiritual and Religious Life landing page for a new video series hosted by Kathy Privatt. At the intersection of Alexander Technique and Christian faith is an opportunity to consider Belonging through a poem by David Whyte. The series of 5 reflections is waiting for you via Youtube on our website.

The Sustainable Spirituality Workbook guides you through the process of identifying your spiritual style and creating a personal and sustainable plan for spiritual growth.