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Come. Gather. Connect. Reflect. An Open House in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is pleased to invite all students to our Open House on Wednesday, October 13 from 5:30 – 7:30. Live plants will be given away for students to take back to their dorms for some uplifting greenery and growth. No need to RSVP, simply show up as you are and…

  • tour the space⁠
  • take a home a plant ⁠
  • meet the staff⁠
  • discover ways to get involved in your spiritual community⁠
  • learn about program offerings⁠
  • meet student religious organization leaders⁠
  • spark meaningful interactions⁠
  • learn about tai chi, meditation, and deep listening⁠
  • hot tea and coffee provided

Memorial for Stephen McCardell this Saturday

Stephen McCardell’s life, music, and mentorship lives on even after his death in July of 2020. The Lawrence community invites you a musical celebration of his life and work on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 11:00 am.

The celebration will take place in Memorial Chapel with members of the Lawrence community invited to be part of the in-person celebration. ⁠Others and those who are not in Appleton are invited to join via a livestream Zoom link. The link is

Stay grounded this term – weekly offerings from Spiritual and Religious Life

  • Meditation – Join professor Connie Kassor in guided Tibetan Buddhist meditation.
    • Tuesdays @ 4:30, Meditation Room in the Center for Spiritual & Religious Life
  • Take a Hike – A walking program open to all students where we explore trails around campus, parks, and local hidden gems alongside Mudd, the Spirit Space dog.
    • Tuesdays @ 5, Center for Spiritual & Religious Life
  • Tai Chi – This class, led by Eric Momberg, will explore the art of Tai Chi through the lens of the Cheng Man Ching tradition with a focus on integrating mind, body and spirit for better health and well being.
    • Thursdays @12:30, Multipurpose Room 211 in Wellness Center

Closing the Prayer Wall

Leave your mark, feed the wall, and let go of that thought until another day. Join the burning ceremony as the messages and prayers are released to the universe.

As this term and this remarkable academic year come to a close, what better time to let go of what’s been holding you back, to dream for what you hope will come to fruition, and to share gratitude for the ability to transition and share in the collective loss and growth.

The prayer wall in the Library and in the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life will be picked up on Friday, June 4.

The ceremony will start at the library and move to the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life where the prayers will be burned. Meet at the Library where the bricks of the prayer wall are located.

Friday, June 4th
Seely G. Mudd Library

image of what the prayer wall looks like.
Prayer Wall

Lawrentian Invitation to Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate is a multifaith celebration of the spiritual journey of the Class of 2021. Created by seniors, it highlights the unique perspectives of the graduating class. Baccalaureate seeks to show how an academic rite of passage transcends books and computers, while it simultaneously asks if the journey could ever have been anything other than spiritual.

A limited number of in-person seats available for Lawrence students, faculty and staff. To request an in-person seat for the service, please fill out this form.

Baccalaureate 2021
Baccalaureate 2021
June 12 at 3pm
Lawrence Memorial Chapel

No Fourth Friday Lunch – A Summer lunch survey instead

Hello diners of the mid-day. Who’s up for lunch this summer?
We are interested in your thoughts on summer lunch gatherings as we all learn to move back into campus settings.

Since we can’t be all places all the time, or satisfy all people in all situations – we’ve decided to survey instead. Please complete the linked survey and stay tuned as options and allowances on campus are more fully considered.

Screens are great. In person is great. Really, it’s all good depending on your life.

Transitions and Walls

As we prepare to close this term, you are invited to be open with yourself and the community. Reflect on your hopes for yourself and the understanding you encourage from others. Give thanks for memories gained, grieve for experiences lost, or reflect on how those concepts help define each other. Wish meaningful transitions for yourself.

The Library and the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life will all be host to a space that allows you to be open by placing your intentions, wishes, hopes, thanksgiving, fears, confessions, questions, or prayers into the “wall” regardless of background or beliefs. (A remote option will be available through the Spiritual and Religious Life webpage.)

Spiritual and Religious Life understands prayer to be many different things for the members of our community. In all times and traditions, it is a way of being in the moment, being present, and opening your heart, soul, and mind to connection.

At the end of term we will dismantle the wall and collect the prayers. They will be released, unopened, to the universe through burning.

Everyday Spirituality-batteries not necessarily required

When we open ourselves to the knowledge that busy days require many pockets, we must also engage in emptying those contents on occasion. Remove the rocks, the sharp things that have gathered, the lint, the tiny scraps of garbage, and that sticky note with a word so smudged its no longer legible.

Place back in the empathy, the ability to step back for a moment, that refreshing scent of a cleansed mind and body, and maybe add a snack nugget or two for sharing with friends later. Put your intentionality back in as well.

Meditation (virtual)

Take a Hike with Mudd the dog

Evening Tai Chi

Meditation (in person) & lunchtime Tai Chi

Choose your own practice

Revisit your passion and connect with what you value by taking in your surroundings, exploring beyond your screen, or maybe even visiting the Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.