Creating a Safe Space

90 percent of transgender people experience harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Everyone has the right to a workplace that is free from emotional harassment, physical harassment, and/or discrimination. Likewise, we all have a responsibility to help create safe spaces at work for our transgender colleagues.

This month, we are featuring a link to a self-guided training to increase your knowledge of, and broaden your perspective on, LGBTQ+ issues. The training will introduce foundational LGBTQ+ concepts, as well as provide you with the tools and vocabulary to continue to grow in your ability to help create a safe and collegial workspace.

Working at your own pace, you will be able to ask and answer questions about LGBTQ+ issues honestly, taking as much time as you would like.  No matter who we are, as people we are students of ourselves and others—in other words, we are students of humanity. As such, we can always broaden our field of vision on diversity and inclusion in our current and future work environments. This training is an excellent opportunity to do just that.