Lawrence Campus Community Pledge

Updated 5/14/21 

Ensuring the health and safety of the Lawrence University community and beyond only works when we all do our part, together. 

I understand and accept that there are risks inherent in being physically present in a campus community during a global pandemic, but by taking care of others and myself, I can contribute to public health and safety. 

To do so, I will:

  1. Wear a mask in all indoor public spaces and at specified outdoor events. 
  2. Maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others in accordance with university guidelines. 
  3. Receive an influenza vaccination or have documentation or an exemption on file.1 
  4. Wash my hands frequently with soap and warm water, or hand sanitizer. 
  5. Participate in surveillance testing upon arrival and if randomly selected weekly.2 
  6. Participate in contact tracing and follow isolation and quarantine expectations immediately. 
  7. Frequently clean and disinfect my personal belongings and space, as well as shared items and spaces that I use. 
  8. Exercise responsible and safety-minded judgment whenever off campus, and limit travel to safe and responsible travel only. 
  9. Monitor myself daily using the Daily COVID-19 Self-Observation Questionnaire and take symptoms seriously. Contact the resource below immediately if I observe any of the symptoms identified by the CDC.3   
    • Do not wait for a positive test, self-isolate to protect others. If a student, assume primary responsibility for keeping appropriate family members apprised of my health status and progress on campus. 
    • Students contact Wellness Services during business hours, campus safety or RHD on call 
    • Employees contact a health provider 
  10. Remind other Lawrence community members of our shared responsibilities to follow the Lawrence Community Pledge and Residential Expectations. 

If you are unwilling to comply with this pledge (including its noted exceptions), we look forward to welcoming you to campus at a time when you will comply or when conditions no longer merit these measures.

Affirm the Pledge.

[1] Influenza vaccinations can lessen the impact of COVID-19 by helping health professionals identify unvaccinated respiratory illness sooner. Lawrence University will make influenza vaccinations available to all students and employees at no personal cost. Unless given a waiver for religious or medical reasons, students on campus will be required to get an influenza vaccination. (Influenza vaccinations are strongly recommended for employees.)

[2] Lawrence University has contracted with Concentric by Ginkgo testing services. The tests administered on campus will be offered at no personal cost to members of the Lawrence community. Surveillance testing will take place weekly and is required. 

[3] The Centers for Disease Control have identified these as symptoms associated with COVID-19: fever or chills; dry cough; shortness of breath/difficulty breathing; unusual fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; sore throat; new loss of taste or smell; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; diarrhea. Students should promptly call Wellness Services at 920-832-6574 if experiencing any of these symptoms. Employees should self-quarantine, seek medical attention, and notify Human Resources.