Participate in Our Research

Participate in Our Research


Do you have a child between 12 and 15 years of age? Lawrence University’s C.A.R.E lab is conducting a research study on how a mobile app may help adolescents cope with their emotions. If your child participates, we will ask them to use the app 3 times per day (morning, after school/late afternoon, and before bed) for 3 weeks. Using the app takes about 1-10 minutes each time, so your child would use it between about 3 and 30 minutes per day. We will then ask you and your child to complete questionnaires a few times over 6 months to track the impact of the app on your child.

The study involves one short visit to our lab at Lawrence University where your child would get the app installed on their mobile device or on one that we loan them.

You and your child will be compensated for each portion of the study that you complete, for a total of up to $115 ($35 for parents and $80 for youth).

To learn more about the study and determine your child’s eligibility, please contact us at 920-832-6817 or email Please reference the “ADOLESCENT RCT STUDY” when you contact us.