Current Contest

Trivia takes place for 50 hours on the last weekend in January. Trivia LVII will begin at 10:00:37 pm Central Time on Friday, Jan. 28 and end around midnight on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022.

***2021 Exclusive Update: Due to the COVID-19 Virus, Trivia LVI will be streamed live on twitch at in lieu of the WLFM radio website. To register for the contest and answer questions, we encourage players to join the official Trivia 56 Discord server and join the Waiting Room voice channel to speak with a phone answerer.*** is the website for WLFM.

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Official registration will take place at 8 PM on the first night of the contest. Latecomers can register throughout the contest, but will be at a points disadvantage.

To register, a team representative will call the appropriate phone line (see below). A Trivia Master will answer and take the team’s name and a team representative’s contact information (name, phone number, and email). The teams will be assigned a team number–on-campus team numbers will start at 1, and off-campus numbers will start at 101.

Teams should use the registration period to find out if they have a significant delay in their signal. The official time for Trivia is

Phone Numbers

  • Head Master Phone Line: (920) 419-TRIV a.k.a. (920) 419-8748
  • Complaint Phone Line: (920) 419-6727
  • On-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7140
  • Off-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7148

Please contact for further details.