Current Contest

Trivia takes place for 50 hours on the last weekend in January. Trivia LVII will begin at 10:00:37 pm Central Time on Friday, Jan. 28 and end around midnight on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022.

Registration for the contest will open at 8:00 pm on Friday, January 28th.

The contest will be streamed live on our Twitch channel at

You can join the official Trivia 57 Discord Server at

Join the Waiting Room channel in the Discord for registration and to call in answers, or use one of the phone numbers below.

  • On-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7140
  • Off-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7148

***2022 Update:


Hi y’all!
Hopefully this should be our last update before the contest! We are planning to go ahead and run the contest this weekend, January 28-30th. Here is the plan:
The contest will be exclusively streamed on Twitch this year again as we will not be in WLFM. You will be able to listen to the contest at
We will not be able to invite any in-person off-campus players to volunteer phone-answer for us again this year due to Covid restrictions here on campus. We are sorry and hope to invite y’all back sometime in the future!
However, off-campus players are highly encouraged to remotely phone-answer if they want to using our Discord phone answering system! Join our Discord server and post in the volunteer-for-phone-answering channel and we’ll get you set up 🙂. It’s easy to learn and you can phone answer from anywhere!
This year players will have an option of either calling our phone lines or joining our Discord server ( and joining the Waiting Room channel for both registration and calling in answers for the contest.
On-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7140
Off-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7148
Head Master Phone Line: (920) 419-TRIV a.k.a. (920) 419-8748
Complaint Phone Line: (920) 419-6727
For action questions, we ask that you join our Discord server and upload your submissions to the action-question-submissions channel. If you are having difficulty with this, please call the complaint line or join the Virtual Complaint Line on our Discord server and we will assist you!
Registration for the contest will begin at 8PM, and the contest begins at 10:00:37PM.
In the event that multiple TMs test positive for Covid pre-contest, we will update any changes as soon as we possibly can. But as of now, the contest is on! Hope to see you playing this year 🙂
HM Riley N.


An update from us here at Lawrence: 

Hello lovely Trivia players! My heart aches with excitement for this year’s Trivia contest and the TMs have been hard at work preparing. I posted an update in December about not knowing yet the modality of the contest: while we still plan to have a Twitch stream no matter what, we have been preparing for both possibilities of either being back in-person in WLFM with traditional phones or entirely virtual again on Discord.  

But now we are faced with a different possibility: potentially having to postpone the contest. This is not an option that we explore lightly. I planned my winter around Trivia and I know others do too. As we are aware, the Omicron variant is spreading very, very fast. Lawrence University is no exception: our positivity rate on campus is the highest that it has been so far, and many of us are expecting it might increase in the coming weeks. 

While we are prepared to pull off an entirely virtual contest like we did last year, it becomes more of a logistical problem if trivia masters themselves end up in quarantine or isolation. It will be harder to make sure they have the right tech and reliable internet access (our overflow quarantine and isolation spaces are off-campus in hotels and airbnbs), let alone the sheer energy it takes to run a 50-hour contest if they are not feeling well. 

This is not a definitive move of the dates, but I wanted to get the information out there sooner than later that depending on the situation on-campus we may not be able to run the contest on the planned dates of January 28th-30th 2022. I anticipate a truly last-minute call on our ability to run this contest 16 days from now dependent on case rates on campus and whether any of us are in quarantine or isolation. If we are unable to run the contest on the original dates, sometime in spring is our best guess for when the contest will take place. The last time Trivia was in spring was 50 years ago  — maybe it’s time for an anniversary! 

I am still hopeful that we will be able to run this contest virtually and on the original dates of January 28th-30th and will keep updating as we have more information from here on campus. 

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns you may have.

With love,

HM Riley N. is the website for WLFM.

Click here for links to our social media and other pages. 


Official registration will take place at 8 PM on the first night of the contest. Latecomers can register throughout the contest, but will be at a points disadvantage.

To register, a team representative will call the appropriate phone line (see below). A Trivia Master will answer and take the team’s name and a team representative’s contact information (name, phone number, and email). The teams will be assigned a team number–on-campus team numbers will start at 1, and off-campus numbers will start at 101.

Teams should use the registration period to find out if they have a significant delay in their signal. The official time for Trivia is

Phone Numbers

  • Head Master Phone Line: (920) 419-TRIV a.k.a. (920) 419-8748
  • Complaint Phone Line: (920) 419-6727
  • On-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7140
  • Off-Campus Phone Line: (920) 832-7148

Please contact for further details.